Cyberattacks haven’t subsided during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, they’re escalating like never before. With employees now working from home on machines you don’t control, the potential number of attack vectors has exploded. As businesses from Long Beach to Kathmandu begin to re-open, cybersecurity has never been more important.
As Certified Ethical Hackers, we’re versed in the same tools and techniques that criminals use. We know that real cybersecurity is built on a solid foundation and layered defenses, not expensive solve-all solutions. That’s why we’ve carefully partnered with different companies to deliver cybersecurity solutions that are both affordable and effective for any size business. We combine these solutions in a holistic manner unique to every one of our clients to deliver the type of protection not available from off-the-shelf products. Read about some of our offerings below, or contact us now to get started.

Cybersecurity Assesments

Don’t be caught off guard by vulnerable software or misconfigurations. Our Cybersecurity Assessments are designed to help you find weak spots and strengthen you cyber defenses. We can scan employee laptops for vulnerable, out of date software to keep your business network safe. If you already have a remote access implementation, we’ll help you make sure it’s safe, secure, and effective.

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Untangle Firewalls and SD-WAN

Untangle Authorized Partner BadgeWe love Untangle because it combines enterprise-level features with a low price point that any sized business can afford. Untangle starts with a traditional firewall and adds a wide range of additional features, including anti-virus, web filtering, integrated guest Wi-Fi, remote access VPN, and more. Best of all, Untangle’s features can be applied on a very granular basis. Want to allow teachers to access certain sites while blocking access to students? Give more bandwidth to employees than guest Wi-Fi users? Allow employees to securely access resources from home? All of these are easy to setup with Untangle.

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Secure Network Design

OA picture of network devicesne of the most effective methods in combatting cyberthreats is network segmentation. Splitting up the network into multiple independent “zones” helps insulate sensitive data and limits the spread of viruses, malware, and malicious traffic. Unfortunately, designing and implementing a segmented network is no easy task. Our experienced network engineers can help, bringing your business an extra layer of cyber resilience that stands up even when determined attacks breach firewalls or thwart antivirus software.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) with Duo

Whether your data lives on-premises or in the cloud, it’s essential to guard against weak passwords and compromised accounts. This becomes even more important when employees access your business files from their personal computers, which may not be as secure as company devices. Duo adds an extra layer of security at login to keep your employees, customers, and business data safe. Duo can even detect and block login attempts from insecure devices, keeping your remote workers from exposing the business to unnecessary risk. We’re an authorized Duo partner and can help you develop policies and deploy to your users. Pricing starts at just $3/month per user.

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Datto Unified Continuity and Disaster Recovery

An assortment of backup and continuity products from Datto.A good backup and recovery strategy should be the cornerstone of every cybersecurity program. When all else fails, a proper backup can be the difference between business as usual and bankruptcy. Datto’s world-class backup products keep local copies of your important files while also replicating data to the cloud, ensuring the survival of your business even in times of disaster. Every backup is tested and scanned for ransomware to keep your data safe and accessible.

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