The world has changed. So should your cybersecurity.

Traditional defenses like firewalls don’t work when your employees are working from home on personal devices. It’s time for something different.

We built our Small Business Cyber Defense package from the ground up to provide real protection in the pandemic era and beyond. Protection that follows your employees, applications, and data no matter where they are.

Enterprise-Level Protection at Small Business Prices

We’ve carefully partnered with industry leaders to bring you the same products and services used by Fortune 100 companies, but at a price any business can afford. We know it’s a tough time to be a small business, so we’ve packed maximum value into our package. And because we’ve bundled all of these services together, you only have to worry about one simple bill. Maximum protection, minimum headache.

Our Small Business Cyber Defense Packages Include:

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

Advanced Endpoint Protection protects your PCs, Macs, and Mobile Devices from viruses and other types of malware. Our centrally managed solution means you’ll never have to worry about updates or new definitions.

DNS Filtering

The Domain Name System (DNS) translates human-readable domain names like into a numerical IP address used to make the actual network connection. DNS filtering works by examining the reputation of a domain before returning an IP address. This means that a request to a malicious domain – say – is never translated, and no network connection is ever established. This is a highly effective way to both prevent and limit the scope of attacks.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA protects against account takeovers by requiring a second factor of authentication – such as a one-time code – at login. Our MFA solution is flexible, easy for employees to use, and works with your existing applications and devices. We can detect suspicious login attempts, and even limit access from employee-owned devices that have inadequate security.

Network, Cloud, and Application Monitoring

Our network monitoring platform integrates with the rest of our solutions to provide a complete picture of your organization’s security. Whether someone’s trying to login to your company account from Kyrgyzstan or an employee accidentally opened a malicious e-mail attachment, we can spot an attack in progress and work with you to stop it.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

You’ve moved to the cloud. So have hackers. Your Office 365, G-Suite, and Salesforce data are a rich target, and “ransomcloud” attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent. Microsoft and Google put the onus of backing up cloud data on the users. With our Cloud-to-Cloud Backup solution, you can be sure your data is always safe from attacks and accidental deletion.

Three Packages to Choose From:

✅Next Generation Endpoint Protection✅Next Generation Endpoint Protection✅Next Generation Endpoint Protection
✅DNS Filtering✅DNS Filtering✅DNS Filtering
✅Cloud-to-Cloud Backup✅Cloud-to-Cloud Backup✅Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
✅Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)✅Multi-Factor Authentication✅Multi-Factor Authentication
✅Network, Cloud, and Application Monitoring✅Network, Cloud, and Application Monitoring
✅Annual Security Audits✅Annual Security Audits
✅Incident Response and Analysis
✅Quarterly Phishing Simulations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Small Business Cyber Defense Package?

The Small Business Cyber Defense Package combines multiple best-of-breed security products into a single service, billed either monthly or annually. You get the protection of multiple industry leading vendors without having to worry about multiple accounts and subscriptions.

I already have a Firewall and Anti-Virus. How is this different?

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended traditional security models. Employees working from home on personal devices are outside your firewall, and many may not be using up-to-date anti-virus software. Our package layers different types of defenses, like Multi-Factor Authentication and Network Monitoring, to thwart and detect attacks in the pandemic era and beyond.

Does this work with my existing security products?

Yes! Our Small Business Cyber Defense Package is designed to be flexible, and fit into a wide range of environments.

Will this keep me from getting hacked?

You’ve already been hacked; you just don’t know it yet. Today’s cyber threats are more advanced than ever before, and attackers are increasingly adept at beating legacy security products like firewalls and anti-virus. On average, it takes nearly 300 days for a data breach to be discovered, according to IBM We know it’s impossible to prevent 100% of attacks, so we designed our packages to quickly detect incidents, limit the scope of the damage, and return to business as usual.

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